Pediatric Pathology Services in Western Pennsylvania

Speech Language Pathology focuses on the evaluation and treatment of speech, language, cognition, voice, communication and swallowing disorders.
Achieve Rehab Services currently serves Pediatric Patients with :
  • articulation / phonological processes
  • cognitive deficits
  • language impairment / social/behavioral deficits
  • speech impairment / dysarthria / apraxia
  • vocal disorders or abnormalities
  • disfluency / stuttering
All treatment can be performed on line in the comfort of your own home.

What sets us apart at Achieve Rehab Services is our ability to provide a well rounded treatment program with no limitations on service. Whether your child needs a moderate or major treatment we can help. As a private facility we offer one-on-one treatment and will work to get your child the help they need.
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