Adult Pathology Services in Western Pennsylvania

Areas of Evaluation and Therapy

Speech Language Pathology focuses on the evaluation and treatment of speech, language, cognition, voice, communication and swallowing disorders. Achieve Rehab Services offers all treatment services online so no travel is needed.
Achieve Rehab Services currently serves: Institutional clients and individuals such as acute care/sub acute care facilities and nursing homes. We can provide rehabilitation services, home care services, outpatient services, pediatric treatments and services for schools or early education facilities. We specialize in accent reduction for non native English speakers and effective public speaking and professional communication skills.
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In adult patients, we evaluate and treat:
  • Accent Reduction/Non Native Language Skills
  • Swallowing / Dysphagia
  • Cognitive Deficits
  • Language Impairment / Aphasia
  • Speech Impairment / Dysarthria / Apraxia
  • Voice Restoration
  • Disfluency / Stuttering
Specialized Treatment for adult patients:
  • Vital Stimulation
  • Deep Pharyngeal Neuromuscular Stimulation
  • electrical stimulation
  • Prostheses Placement for Post Laryngectomees
  • LSVT (voice therapy)
  • Speaking Valves for trachs and vents
  • Modified Barium Swallows