Our Main Priority is Patient Care

At Achieve Rehab Services our patients come first. We always keep the needs of our patients in mind as we are conducting our day.

We like to make sure that all patients get the following information:
1. Who we are and what our job title is.
2. What we intend to do with the particular patient.
3. How we can help the patient attain his/her own goals.
4. How we can improve the patients quality of life.
5. What each treatment exercise is doing for them.
6. What can be helpful outside of the treatment session.
We want the patient and the family to feel empowered, encouraged and comfortable. We like to give the family plenty of education and help them assist in meeting goals and needs of the patient. When it comes to decision making, we like to make sure the family fully understands all of the options.
We show compassion towards the family and patient at all times and make sure we are aware of the effects the illness can have on everyone. We talk to the patient about loss of independence, frustration levels and functioning status prior to hospitalization. In addition we like to get to know the patient's strengths and interests.
For the entire Achieve team, the focus is on the patient. Achieve Rehab Services is driven by the results of the therapy given. Each therapist must be compassionate and dedicated to their profession.